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Colloidal Silver Uses for Health & Wellness
No one likes to get sick and when we are sick we want to get well as soon as possible. Protecting the health and well being of you and your family is a top priority and we are here to help. We offer an affordable, easy to use and effective solution. Cloud Peak Colloidal silver may be used in a variety of ways.
Swallowed to fight infection (Bacterial, viral and fungal)
Sprayed onto the skin to fight infection. (Bacterial, viral and fungal)
Quickly heal a scrap burn or abrasion. (spray on or use a soaked sterile pad)
Held in the mouth for 3 to 5 minutes to knock out bad breath and toothache, improve the gums
Sprayed on the skin to help skin rashes (and athletes foot)
Use as eye drops to get rid of pink eye and irritated eyes
Used with a nasal spray bottle to unblock sinus infections
In the ears for ear infection
Used with a nebulizer directly into the lungs
Rub or spray on hands for long lasting hand sanitizer
Gargle to ease sore throat

Will detoxify the body when ingested
It is tasteless so your children will not have a problem taking it
Boost your immune system
Reduce allergies
Help you recover quickly from a hard workout.
Great for people on the go.
Safe and non toxic!
No drug interactions!


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Information on this website is for educational purposes only and not intended to treat or diagnose. This product has not been evaluated or
approved by the FDA. This product is not intended to cure or prevent any disease.


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